Alexandra Baxter

I'm Alex, a full-time TPT seller, multiple milestone earner, and 2x TPT Forward presenter. I help busy and overwhelmed TPT sellers by giving actionable tips and advice that will increase their TPT earnings. When I first opened my store in 2015, I struggled to make sales. I felt frustrated that my hard work was not reflected in my PayPal account! I spent the next few years transforming my business from $2.70 in my first month to five figures a month. As I edged towards 200k in all-time earnings. I decided to share my knowledge with other sellers so that they could turn their passion for creating resources into a profitable business. I created 'The Terrific Teacherpreneur' community, through my podcast, Facebook group, and course. Since then, I have helped thousands of TPT sellers to transform their TPT stores and increase their sales. Take a small step and become a terrific teacherpreneur today. I can't wait to meet you!