Alexandra Baxter

I opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store in 2015. I was teaching full time and enjoying a side hustle where I could make a few hundred dollars a month. One day I made the decision to start taking TPT more seriously. I dedicated hours to careful product creation but making products was just not enough. So, I started to spend time doing product photography and marketing my products so that they could actually sell. This is where the transformation happened, I hit the first and second TPT milestones in quick succession, and my TPT earnings surpassed my teaching salary. I was excited to be offered the opportunity to present at TPT Forward 2021 and shared my knowledge with other sellers. I now do TPT full time and love every minute of it. Although I believe that spending time making quality products had a huge impact on my success, I am a huge advocate for attraction marketing. This is what my courses are based on. I believe that making your products irresistable to buyers is crucial in any business, especially TPT. If you are ready to transform your TPT business, you're in the right place!