Do you want to get more traffic to your TPT store?

Maybe you feel frustrated because your resources aren’t getting many views and they aren’t ranking very high in TPT search. You know that you have created amazing resources, but people aren’t seeing them, so they can’t buy them!

Well hi! I’m Alex and I’m your guide to all things email marketing. I remember the struggle of wishing I could get more traffic to my TPT store.

You’re not alone in feeling this way. Many sellers are tired of competing with algorithms and want a direct way to get buyers to their TPT store, so they turn to email marketing.

In this course, I will teach you my step-by-step framework for increasing your TPT earnings by mastering email marketing as a traffic source. 

I love to help busy and overwhelmed TPT sellers turn their passion for creating resources into a profitable business.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome To The Course!

    • How To Get The Most Out Of This Course

    • Course Workbook

  • 2

    Module 1 - How To Start Email Marketing

    • Why Email Marketing Is Amazing

    • Email Marketing Terminology

    • The Legal Stuff

    • Choosing An Email Service Provider

    • Domain Names And Emails

    • Tagging And Segmenting

    • Understanding Your ICA

  • 3

    Module 2 - How To Create A Lead Magnet

    • A Good Lead Magnet

    • Choosing Your Lead Magnet Part 1

    • Choosing Your Lead Magnet Part 2

    • What Should Your Lead Magnet Look Like?

    • How Many Lead Magnets Should You Have?

    • Creating An Opt-In Form

    • A Peek At My Opt-In Forms

    • Product Photography

    • Sending The Freebie

    • Free Resource Libraries

  • 4

    Module 3 - How To Grow Your Email List

    • Growing Your List

    • Grow Your List With Your TPT Resources

    • Grow Your List With Social Media

    • Grow Your List With Pinterest

    • Grow Your List With Long-Form Content

    • Grow Your List With Your Website

    • Grow Your List With Ads

    • How Often To Market Your Lead Magnet

  • 5

    Module 4 - How To Write Emails

    • Storytelling

    • The Art Of Storytelling

    • Compelling Subject Lines

    • Example Emails

    • Make Your Emails Personalized And Fun

    • What To Write In Your Emails

    • Welcome Sequences

    • Long-Form Content Planning And Batching

    • Value-Based Email Ideas

    • How Often Should You Email And When?

    • What Is A Good Open Rate And Click-Through Rate?

  • 6

    Module 5 - How To Make Money From Your Email List

    • Attract The Right People With Your Lead Magnet

    • Attract The Right People With Your Personality

    • Clean Your List

    • Get Subscribers To Open And Read Your Emails

    • How Often Should You Be Salesy?

    • Keep Track Of Your Emails

    • How To Write Sales Copy

    • TPT Sitewide Sales Part 1

    • TPT Sitewide Sales Part 2

    • How To Make Money Without Sending An Email

    • Sales Sequences

    • TPT URL Builder Tutorial

  • 7

    Flodesk Tutorials

    • Flodesk Lead Magnet Delivery Steps

    • Flodesk Tutorial - Audiences

    • Flodesk Tutorial - Clean Your List

    • Flodesk Tutorial - Opt-In Forms

    • Flodesk Tutorial - Creating Emails

    • Flodesk Tutorial - Workflows

  • 8


    • Final Task

    • How To Contact Me

    • Become An Affiliate!

Already started your email list?

Don't worry! Just like Kim, you'll find that the course will fill in the gaps.

Do you want to increase your earnings?

An email list is a powerful tool for - 

  • Driving traffic to your TPT store and increasing sales
  • Getting exposure on your long-form content, such as a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel
  • Ensuring sign-ups to your course or membership

Terrific Email is a comprehensive email marketing course for TPT sellers and teacherpreneurs that will help you achieve these goals!

What to expect

If you sign up for Terrific Email, this is what you can expect....

  • You will learn how to start your email list and create an irresistible lead magnet

  • You will learn how to grow an engaged list full of your ideal buyers

  • You will learn how to write emails that drive traffic and increase your sales


  • I haven’t started my email list yet. It’s all so overwhelming. Will this course help me get started?

    This course is perfect if you haven't started your email list yet and have no idea where to begin! It will guide you through the whole process and answer your questions along the way. Unlike some courses, which dive straight into things like lead magnets, this course has a whole module dedicated to getting your email list set up. You’ll choose your email service provider and even learn the email marketing terminology and legal stuff.

  • I have already started my email list, is this course suitable for me?

    This course is great even if you already have an email list. Perhaps you only have a small number of subscribers and want to grow your list. Or maybe you have a decent number of subscribers but people aren’t buying from you. Either way, this course is for you!

  • Do I have to complete this course in a certain amount of time?

    There is no set time frame! You can complete this course at your own pace. All my courses are self-paced with lifetime access!

  • I’m concerned about investing in a course. How do I know it will be worth it?

    Business is all about investment. You get out what you put in. You can also claim this as a business expense at tax time! This course has been created to be content rich, but still affordable. There are courses out there that are double the price and have no relevance to TPT. Investing in your business can be scary, but this course will teach you how to grow a profitable email list. A profitable email list can easily make back the cost of this course and then some!

  • I’m not signed up with Flodesk, will this course still work for me?

    This course is suitable for all TPT sellers, no matter who your email service provider is! Although there are a few Flodesk tutorials (as that’s my preferred platform), they are just a bonus. The bulk of this course teaches you how to grow a list and profit from it, regardless of what platform you are using.

  • I’ve heard that TPT sellers should have an email list but I’m not convinced. Is this really necessary?

    Unlike TPT or social media, you own your email list. It’s one of the most secure things in your business. You won’t be hacked and, unlike trendy social media platforms, email has been around 20+ years. Everyone has an email account (or many accounts)! It’s here to stay. You’re not competing with an algorithm either. There’s no pressure to learn SEO or create dancing videos (email is perfect for introverts). Finally, email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) at a whopping $36 for every $1 spent.

  • Will I really grow a big, profitable list after taking this course?

    If you complete this course in its entirety and implement the advice given, then you will be able to see success with email marketing. This course teaches you how to write effective emails that get your subscribers to purchase, for example. However, email marketing does require work and there’s no such thing as overnight success. You will need to spend time growing your list and consistently serving your subscribers.

  • Can’t I just figure email marketing out on my own?

    You can certainly just wing it, if you wish! However, growing an email list is actually quite tricky. If you don’t know how to create an effective lead magnet or market it, your list will grow slowly and you might feel frustrated. There’s also a lot to learn when it comes to writing emails and sales copy. Many TPT sellers struggle to get their subscribers to buy from them and begin to feel that having an email list is exhausting when there is little return on their time spent. Finally, it can be stressful to spend hours Googling every question you have. Instead, it’s far better to have all the answers and tricks in one place. Your time is precious, so don’t waste it!


Meet your course instructor, Alex

Alexandra Baxter

I'm Alex, a full-time TpT seller, multiple milestone earner, and 2x TpT Forward presenter. I help busy and overwhelmed TpT sellers by giving actionable tips and advice that will increase their TpT earnings. You see, when I first opened my store in 2015, I struggled to make sales. I felt frustrated that my hard work was not reflected in my PayPal account! I spent the next few years transforming my business from $2.70 in my first month to high four figures a month and I reached well over 100k in all-time earnings. I decided to share my knowledge with other sellers so that they could turn their passion for creating resources into a profitable business. I created 'The Terrific Teacherpreneur' community, through my podcast, Facebook group, and course. Since then, I have helped thousands of TpT sellers to transform their TpT stores and increase their sales. Take a small step and become a terrific teacherpreneur today. I can't wait to meet you.

What's the investment?

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